Your first track day

One of the best things you can ever do with your Subaru is take it to the race track. To do this you will need a CAMS license or AASA license and that will cost ~$100 and $50 respectively for 1 year and track day entry is usually $130-250 depending where and when you attend. You will need a CAMS approved fire extinguisher, a sticker (blue triangle to show where the battery is) and a helmet that conforms to Australian standards. We offer a couple of kits to make life easier.

CAMS has a heap of information regarding safety and you can purchase your license and book events via their website - the booking website is at and you can find your track day results here on NATSOFT.

Once you've booked (see the clubs below for when and where) it's then time to sort the car out with a comprehensive safety check and a minor service. 

Ensure you complete a full pre-race check to ensure you car is nice and safe. 

The last thing to remember is to take spare fuel and long sleeve cotton pants and top. 

Clubs to go racing with:

WRX Car Club 

Driver Dynamics

Alfa Romeo Car Club

Ford Four Car Club

HSV Car Club

Lotus Car Club

Maserati Car Club

Marque Car Club

MG Car Club

Nissan Car Club

Porsche Car Club

Historic Touring Car Association of Victoria (Calder Park each Feb):