Subaru 2 Pot Rear Caliper Conversion

Subaru 2 Pot Rear Caliper Conversion

Another popular conversion for brakes is upgrading the standard rear single pot calipers to the Subaru two pot rear calipers, below is a guide on what is required to successfully carry out the conversion.

The original single pot caliper set ups come in both vented and non vented discs. The two  pot discs are vented and are larger in diameter however still retain the standard handbrake  drum diameter.

Items Required:

- Adaptor brackets (dogbones same as those used on brembo conversion)

- Two pot calipers with brake lines

- Rear brake discs, off 01 Subaru WRXs and newer

To get the larger disc to fit on the hub correctly the single pot backing plate shroud must be removed then the disc can sit in position correctly. Then its as simple as fitting the adaptors and calipers, a brake bleed will required.

All work must be carried out by a professional.