Subaru 4 Pot Front Brake Conversion

Subaru 4 Pot Front Brake Conversion

For the earlier Impreza WRXs, Foresters and Libertys that are fitted with the 2 pot sliding Front calipers.

Quite possibly one of the most simple modifications you can do with a huge difference. A simple and cost effective brake upgrade which will ensure far greater braking power and response. The 4 pot front calipers require no modification to be fitted, they will require the brake lines and discs to carry out the conversion.

The smaller backing plate shouldn’t be in the way but a slight nudge could help stop future contact with the disc.

Just keep in mind the clearance from caliper to rim, some rims such as the forester factory wheels wont allow the caliper to fit. If you need a rebuild kit for these calipers, you can buy one here: