Engine Building

Good advice, with regards to the engine building path you should take, is just as important as the build process itself. That's where the team at GotItRex have you covered. Before we commence any engine build we discuss the process with you and get an understanding of your goals, budget and timeframe. With this information we then determine the best plan to suit your needs.

Should you wish to build your own engine then we can also provide you with the following services:

  • Close deck block
  • Line bore block
  • Setup block ready for ARP case bolts (requires line bore)
  • Hot tank and clean
  • Bore and hone
  • Bore and hone – torque plate
  • Surface block deck
  • Grind and or linish crankshaft
  • Crack test crankshaft
  • Balance complete assembly – crank, rods, pistons, flywheel, pressure plate
  • Pressure test and surface heads
  • Complete head recondition reconditioning
  • Head porting

Please contact us to discuss your engine build requirements.